June 9, 2021

Guest Session

  • OJ Paddington
  • Jannis Choppin


Superior Elevation – Welcome To My World
Kenneth Nash – Next To Me
Harold Lucious – Try My Love
Mtume – You Are My Sunshine
Marcy Luarks – I Don’t Want To Share Your Love
Tyrone Brunson – Tender Touch
Desmond Coke – Mesmerise A Friend
Luis Pastor – Nada Es Real
Capricorn – Hold My Hand
Noveau Grooves – Money Can’t Buy You Love
End-To-End – Money Talks
Craig Peyton – It Must Be Love
Prime Time – I Owe It To Myself
Patrick Cowley – Thief of Love
George Smallwood – You Know I Love You
Gwen Guthrie – Stop Holding Back
Willie Hutch – Easy Does It
Rosaline Joyce ‎– Friends Not Lovers
Ashaye – What’s This World Coming To (Instrumental)
As Damas do Rap – Umo Sonho Real
Bô’vel – Check 4 U
Robbie M – Thanks For The Love
Jeff Phelps – Wrong Space, Wrong Time
Marcia Johnson – Once Again I’m Alone
The Solicitors – Joyce
Krikor Kouchian – Onda Vaselina
Early Clover ‎– Who Are You
Steve Elliott ‎– Completion Of A Miracle

Guest Sessions

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