20210127 Sportello

January 27, 2021

Guest Session

  • Sportello

20210127 Sportello


Jeffree – Mr. Fix It
Steve Parks – Movin’ In The Right Direction
J.R.Bailey – Just Me ‘N You
Tommy McGee – Make Sure
The Mad Lads – Destination
Esther Phillips – That’s Alright With Me
Sam Dees – Child Of The Streets
Calvin Johnson – Dance Of Love
O’ Donel Levy – I’ll Sing From My Window
Tony Joe White – Wichita Line Man
Lo Borges – ?
Guilherme Coutinho – Rio Corrente
Marcos Valle – Previsão Do Tempo
Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares – Sabia Ne Palmeira
Martial Solal – Un Train Vaut Mieux Que Deux Tu L’Auras
Gary Wilson – Another Galaxy
Peven Everett – I Wanna Make Love
Dwele – Twuneanunda
Mama Ode – Creole Soul Clap
Common – Leaders (Crib Love) feat. A-Trak
The Altons – When You Go (That’s When You’ll Know)
Millie Jackson – If Loving You Is Wrong I Don’t Wanna Be Right
Millie Jackson – The Rap
Wee – Alone
Brenton Wood – I’m The One Who Knows
The Moments – Ride Your Pony Girl
Steve Elliot – Wake Up
Are & Be – The Sound of The Memory of Many Living People
Mike J. Kirkland – Hang On In there

Guest Sessions

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