May 17, 2021

Guest Session

  • Steffen Damm


Röyksopp – And the forest began to sing (Wall of Sound)
Hermanos Gutierrez – Mesa Redonda (HG2020)
Rubba – WayStar (NW3)
Piero Umiliani – La ragazza dalla pelle di Luna (SCEB936)
El Michels Affair – Enfant (BC090)
Psychemagik – Eyes without a face (Bily Idol Edit) (UCL001)
Duboskop – Girls on Dub (Stix038)
Al Pagoda – Black (Bigamo10)
Jan Hammer Group – Don’t you know (ZS87515)
Ofege – It’s not easy (Nemi0032)
Tommy Guerrero – In my Head (RUSH-00001)
Baby Huey – Hard Times (CRS8007)
Idris Muhammad – Could heaven ever be like this (65RPR001)
Calibro 35 – Fail it till you make it (RKX074)
El Michels Affair – Last blast (BC060)
Farhot – Yak Sher (none)
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Pimp (BC100)
Quasimoto – Astronaut (STH2326)
MF Doom – Deep Fried Frenz (RSE0084)
Czarface – Call me (SIL011)
Mr Green – Better Future (GSE784)
Prefuse 73 – Message (WARP LP 83)
Doppelkopf – Raps vom Mond (Remix) (HK001)
O Yuki Conjugate – Sunchemical (OM46)
Toki Fuko – Recognize your Limitations (LLESS 025)
Djrum – Undercoat (2NDRP12013)
Pearson Sound – Down with you (DARKESTRALG001)
Rockers Hi-Fi – Dick from Outaspace (BRLPD 615)
Flume – Star Eyes (MP096)
Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Schwindelig (CNS006)
Hugo Massien – If you dare (E-Beamz037)
Four Tet – Locked (Text11)

Guest Sessions

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