Luke Stewart

October 6, 2023

Idle Moments – Luke Stewart Special

  • Hermes Villena

Luke Stewart


Luke Stewart is a composer-improviser, bassist, multi-instrumentalist, and organizer known for his work as a soloist; leader of his Exposure Quintet, with Edward Wilkerson, Jr., Ken Vandermark, Jim Baker, and Avreeayl Ra; and member of groups including Blacks’ Myths, Heart of the Ghost, Six Six, Irreversible Entanglements,and Heroes Are Gang Leaders, a literary free jazz ensemble that was awarded the 2018 American Book Award for Oral Literature. Stewart has co-run DC jazz advocacy nonprofit CapitalBop since 2010, curating the organization’s longstanding “Loft Jazz” concert series and writing music criticism for its website. In 2020, he was included among DownBeat’s “25 for the Future” as an artist who “shapes the artistic landscape”.

Idle Moments

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