November 7, 2019

Implied Odds – Salon des Amateurs Re-Opening Special

  • Frank D'Arpino
  • Philipp Otterbach


Organizatsiya – Tandem (F.D.)
Die Orangen – Für alle ft. Jono Ma (P.O.)
Iona Fortune – Da You 大有
Morphine – Swing It Low
dBridge – Echo Chamber
upcoming on FILM
Heroin in Tahiti – Arena 2
Wisdom Tooth – Acid Bath
No Zen Orchestra – Yuga (Sweet Meat)
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians – The Pit Of Souls
G.A.M.S. – Tremslo
UnicaZürn – Into Burning Labyrinths (Fuse-Fire-Seed)
Hansen Windisch – Kiss An Elephant
Die Wilde Jagd – Fremde Welt
Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrière – Drum Circle
Ekoplekz – Seduktion
Ziro – Oni (Om Unit’s Wrongspeed)
upcoming on R-I-O
Blue Angels – Term Three
Ghostride the Drift – Untitled
YPY – Bugs Groove
Goliath – Illuminations
Tom of England – In Your Town
Drax – Device 009
Samba – King Kan
Graph – Quasi
SDEM – 6448
Bill – The Thrower
Stephen Mallinder – Del Sol

Implied Odds

2 hours of otherworldly b2b vibes conducted by one of Düsseldorf's longtime fixtures - Salon des Amateurs resident and overall nice guy Frank D'Arpino.

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