Inside Out w/ Marc Hofweber (April 2022)


Claude Debussy – La plus que lente
Randy Newman – Marie
Pavel Milyakov, Yana Pavlova – Strong Willed
Ela Orleans – Something Higher
Spacemen 3 – Any Way That You Want Me (Demo)
Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover
East of the Valley Blues – Jojoux Est
Josiah Steinbrick – Fo Barro
Waclaw Zimpel – Five Clarinets
Carlos Maria Trindade, Nuno Canavarro – Ven 5
Yasuaki Shimizu – Bridgestone 4
Charles Curtis – Tobias Hume / Touch Me Lightly (circa 1607)
Meridith Monk, Marc Sharpio – Earth Seen from Above
Frédéric Chopin – Mazurka No.51 in F Minor
Loren Connors – Lullaby (the 1st)
Venice In Peril – After the Love is Gone

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Inside Out

One hour of warm, atmospheric and all across the board music, primed for day time listening and selected by Marc Hofweber aka HOVE - straight from the "Light of Other Days" co-founder's home studio in Zurich (CH).