April 27, 2023

Inside Out

  • Marc Hofweber


Astrud Gilberto – A Certain Sadness

H Hunt – Go Home

Emahoy Stege Mariam Gebru – Quand La Mer Furieuse

Kevin McCormick – Moon Clock

Christina Vantzou, Hyperstellar – Reclining Figures

Robert Wyatt – A Last Straw

Steve Gunn, David Moore, Bing & Ruth – Paper Limb

Maya Dunietz, Avishai Cohen – Oddeta

Yumu Abe – ピンと来たほうへ

Ahmad Jamal – Free Again

Mary Halvorson – Symphony No. 6 Mvt. Ll

Carlos Nino, Friends  Thankingtheearth LIVE

Maxine Funke – Long Beach

Josiah Steinbrick – Elen Road

Sonic Youth – Little Trouble Girl

The Verlaines – Wind Song

Inside Out

One hour of warm, atmospheric and all across the board music, primed for day time listening and selected by Marc Hofweber aka HOVE - straight from the "Light of Other Days" co-founder's home studio in Zurich (CH).

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