January 5, 2023

Inside Out

  • Marc Hofweber


Angelo Badalamenti – The Straight Story: Rose’s Theme
John Fahey – Song
David Blue – Marianne
Lou Reed – Pale Blue Eyes (May 1965 Demo)
Danny Paul Grody – On Leaving
Low – Sunshine
Death Cube K – Sunshine
Lou Harrison – Four Piece for Harp
Sofie Birch, Antonina Nowacka – Sudany
Christina Vantzou, Michael Harrison, John Also Bennett – Piano on Tape
Youmna Saba – At The Mercy Of Battery Life Impromptu
David Crosby – Riff 1 (Demo)
Tall Dwarfs – Think Small
Love Apple – Call Me When You Want Me
Funkadelic – The Song Is Familiar
Bill Withers – Lean on Me – Live at Carnegie Hall NY

Inside Out

One hour of warm, atmospheric and all across the board music, primed for day time listening and selected by Marc Hofweber aka HOVE - straight from the "Light of Other Days" co-founder's home studio in Zurich (CH).

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