July 28, 2022

Inside Out

  • Marc Hofweber


Blue Lake – Thread
Christophe – Intermède (Guitar)
The Sprigs – Bending With The Wind
Algebra Suicide – Please Respect Our Decadence
Dolly Mixture – Will He Kiss Me Tonight
Twerps – Dreamin
Marci – Pass Time
Viola Renea – Vimana Beam
Pavement – Zurich Is Stained
Leoni Leoni – Langsam Müed
Inc. no World – Watch This Dream
Broadcast – Poem Of Dead Song
Imagination – Mornin Lights
Sweet & Innocent, Memphis Mustangs – Express Your Love
Matt Kivel, Bonnie Prince Billy – Find Love
Bob Dylan – Tangled up in Blue

Inside Out

One hour of warm, atmospheric and all across the board music, primed for day time listening and selected by Marc Hofweber aka HOVE - straight from the "Light of Other Days" co-founder's home studio in Zurich (CH).

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