September 22, 2022

Inside Out

  • Marc Hofweber


“This month’s mix is once again inspired by a book i read recently. More precisely two books. “The idiot” and the sequel “either / or” by Elif Batuman.

The two novels are about a character named Selin and her time at Harvard University. Both explore questions about love, life, literature and are full of interesting and funny observations about life in general. I often put together playlists while reading books. Something like imaginary soundtracks. In this case the soundtrack mainly contains classical music. Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Ithak Perlman, Mozart, Ravel and so on. Its basically what i imagine Selin would like to hear. I hope you like it too!”

Inside Out

One hour of warm, atmospheric and all across the board music, primed for day time listening and selected by Marc Hofweber aka HOVE - straight from the "Light of Other Days" co-founder's home studio in Zurich (CH).

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