Kabinett der Phantasie

  • Keshavara

March 10, 2020 dublab HQ


The Melody Mates – Enchantment
Angelo Noce Santoro – Raindance, Pt. 1
The Mauskovic Dance Band – Squeeze Dogs
Chasmon – It’s About a Dollar (Instr.)
The Pineapple Meditation (Advertisement)
Kutiman – Badawee
Laraaji – Deep Meditation Interlude 1
Papa Bear & His Cubs – Sweetest Thing on This Side of Heaven
Damon – Feel Your Love
Ken Nordine – Maroon
Derick Harriot – The Loser
Ornithology (The Radioshow Inside Of A Radioshow) Twit One – Land Of the Nod
Nina Simone – Do What You Gotta Do
David Shreigley – I Am Good
Laraaji – Deep Meditation Interlude 2
Sampa The Great – Bye River
Mrdangam Introduction (Ramesh Shotham)
Ratgrave – Instant Toothpaste
Allen Watts Interlude
John Carroll Kirby – Blueberry Beads
The Diddys, Paige Douglas – Intergalactic Lovesong Laraaji – Deep Meditation Interlude 3 Meerschaumpfeifen von Walter (Advertisement)
Kay Gardner – Lunamuse

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Kabinett der Phantasie

Hello world: Welcome to Kabinett der Phantasie! Music to which we bend our limbs in slow motion, smoke meerschaum pipe, drink heavily sweetened mocha and roll our eyes to.