Kabinett der Phantasie

  • Keshavara

November 10, 2020 dublab HQ


Iasos – Libra Sunrise
Kutiman – Copasavana
Sunil Ganguly – Ajhoon Na Aye
The Pro-Teens – I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly
D.N. Härter – Kawasaki Jack
Mndsgn – Sumdim
Santisteban – Zorongo
Erasmo Carlos – Grilos
Ariel Kalma – Bouge Tes Hanches
Peter Giger’s Family Of Percussion – Trilokie
The Anonymous – Hope To Meet You
The Byrds – Everybody’s Been Burned
Brian Chatton – From Charlotte
Vangelis Katsoulis – Touch The Sun
The Bees – I Love You
The Meters – Stormy
Carlton Williams – Prison Song
Harpers Bizarre – Witchi Tai To
Stelvio Cipriani – Mary’s Theme
Carlo Rustichelli – Nelle Tue Braccia

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Kabinett der Phantasie

Hello world: Welcome to Kabinett der Phantasie! Music to which we bend our limbs in slow motion, smoke meerschaum pipe, drink heavily sweetened mocha and roll our eyes to.