Kabinett der Phantasie

  • Keshavara

October 27, 2020 dublab HQ


Adrian Baker, Roy Morgan – In Close Harmony
Broadcast – Echo’s Answer
Jacob Mann – Tantalum
Dorothy Ashby – Little Sunflower
Holy Hives – Centia’s Celebration
Sothy – Lam Seung Bang Fai
Wayne Shorter – Ponta de Areia
Labi Siffre – Cannock Chase
Kourosh Yachtmaei – Saraabe Toe
Zombies – Aloha
Surprise Chef – New Ferrari
Anadol – Casio Havasi
Jean-Pierre Decerf – The Cool Brain
Mariah – Fujiyu Na Nezumi
Suzanne Menzel – The Advertising Song

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Kabinett der Phantasie

Hello world: Welcome to Kabinett der Phantasie! Music to which we bend our limbs in slow motion, smoke meerschaum pipe, drink heavily sweetened mocha and roll our eyes to.