Kabinett der Phantasie – Tête-à-Tête

  • Keshavara

June 8, 2021 dublab HQ


Intro: Santo & Johnny – All My Love
Molly Lewis – The Forgotten
Allessandro Allessondroni – El Gringo
Frank Zappa – Twenty Small Cigars
Basil Kirchin – I Start Counting
The Kinks – I Go To Sleep
The Beach Boys – Lonely Sea
Breton 1
Tidiane Thiam – Djatasoun
Human Race – Human Race
Brainstory- Scissors
Orions Belt – Lotus
Erasmo Carlos – Vida Antiga
King Crimson – I Talk To The Wind
Astral Sounds – Tides
Thierry Durbet – Satieric
Menahan Street Band – Stepping Through Shadow
Natty Reever – Fall
Claudine Longet – Nothing To Lose
Cymande – Changes
Keshavara feat. Wolfgang Frömberg – Ornithology Set Acephale 2020
Ken Nordine – Sepia
Cecilia – Lost Little Thing
Apifera feat. Yonatan – Pulse 420
Lesiman – Messaggio
The Ethics – Lost In A Lonely World
Trjj – Mersh Night Sleep
Electronic System – Sky Lab

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Hello world: Welcome to Kabinett der Phantasie! Music to which we bend our limbs in slow motion, smoke meerschaum pipe, drink heavily sweetened mocha and roll our eyes to.