Klaus Storch & Ghost Inge

November 2, 2021

Guest DJ Set

  • Klaus Storch
  • Inge

Klaus Storch & Ghost Inge


Ghost Inge
Shushu – Something you don’t know
Zaliva D – Whisper
Tzusing -日出東方 唯我不敗
DJ Spinna – TB or not TB
Jerome Hill – Knock knock
Fast Eddie & Kenny Jammin’ – Can U dance
Drexciya – Sighting in the abyss
Scratch DVA – Step 2 Funk
Adonis – No way back
Unknown – Beat Trax
Prince of Queens – Merecutek
Aikon – Fusion
Steve – Computer Madness
DJ Overdose – Mindstorms
Mr. Fingers – Washing Machine

Klaus Storch
Fat Albeat – Beat me till I jack
MDIII – Face the nation
Jungle Wonz – The Jungle
Pamisch Mitschell – Climb the wall
Marshall Jefferson – Move your body
Steve Hurley – ack your body
Adonis – We rockin down the house
Krush – House Arrest
Knuckles / Principle – Baby wants to ride
Jovonn – This thing is jamming
Sweet D – thank you
ESP – Let’s move
Kreem – Triangle of love

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