October 10, 2022

Latente Hypnosen

  • Sativa im Exil


Bohren & der Club of Gore – Segeln ohne Wind
Chi – Before the Mountain
Francis Harris – Earth Moves
Adult Fantasies – Under A Steelplate Sky
C.R.Gillespie – Metachroma
Mehmüt Berazi – Rawé
Tibor Szemzo – CUBA
Moor Mother, Billy Woods, Imami Robinson, Amirtha Kidami – Maroons
Freundliche Kreisel – Dreh die Zeit Zurück
Ghedalia Tazartès – La Vie et La Mort
Stano, Michael O´Shea – Seance Of A Kondalike
African Head Charge – Learned
Biosphere – Black Mesa
Felix Laband – Black Shoes
Brown Susan – How We Used to Live
Synkro – Never
O Yuki Conjugate – Beyond Control Fear (NTS Sessions)
Anadol – …Gizli Duygular
Pauline Anna Strom – Energy
Dylan Ettinger – Gordon´s Theme
Li Yilei – KOU
Acid Twilight – Days of Devotion
Jack Ellister – You´ve Only To Say The Word (Or: Samuel, Joe and Dick on a Trip
Benjamin Lew, Steve Brown – Aveugle depuis
Jon Hassell – Vernal Equinox

Latente Hypnosen

Join Sativa im Exil on their monthly trip through psychedelic delicacies and immerse yourself in a world of effects, snippets and samples.

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