December 12, 2022

Latente Hypnosen – The Residents Special

  • Sativa im Exil


The Residents – Hitler Was A Vegetarian
The Residents – Rest Aria
The Residents – Walter Westinghouse
The Residents – Kaw Liga (Stripped Mix)
The Residents – N-ER-GEE
The Residents – Diskomo
The Residents – Daydream in Space
The Residents – Jailhouse Rock
The Residents – Spotted Pinto Bean
The Residents – Safety Is A Cootie Wootie
Tranceformer – Temple Of Exotic Delights
Kalacakra – Nearby Shiraz
YaHoWa – To The Principals For The Children
Don Cherry – Music, Wisdom, Love
Metabolism – Schnee von Gestern

Latente Hypnosen

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