Laure Boer & zo-on slows


  • Laure Boer
  • zo-on slows

October 6, 2021 Somewhere in Cologne


Laure Boer’s music is inspired by noise and traditional folk music. Her performances are hypnotic improvisations around traditional instruments, odd percussions and sometimes a voice, singing or reciting in her native French; a vibrant universe that is both vulnerable and brutal. Her live set in the first hour is the basis for a release forthcoming on Otomatik Muziek in 2022, including electroacoustic experimental recordings by her father, which she discovered on a tape.

zo-on slows (aka Echo Ho) is responsible for the live set in the second hour. Her artistic “nomadism” took her from Beijing via Hong Kong and Berlin to Cologne. Field recordings meet glitchy beats, polyphonic vocals mix with unusual instrumental sounds from a musical narrative tradition that seems equally distant in time and space.

Echo and Laure are going to have a split release next month called Fair Tsuku, to be released on Tsuku Boshi Records in collaboration with Fair Play Network.


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