May 23, 2023

Leave Your Body Behind

  • Bhed


maurice ravel – passacaille: très large – (rca victor)
felisha ledesma – golden mirror – (ecstatic)
vantzou – no.4 string quartet (kranky)
laurel halo – raw silk uncut wood – (latency)
kali malone – the sacraficial code – (ideal)
tim hecker – trade winds, white heat – (kranky)
andrew thomas – flying towards you (jewelled out) – (kompakt)
troth – aether frolic – (knekelhuis)
raul lovisoni / francesco messina – prati bagnati del monte analogo – (superior viaduct)
ahu – blind by the sun – (shahr farang)
jj kramer – rain – (vary)
f ingers – mum’s caress after trip – (blackest ever black)
laurel halo – focus I – (honest jon’s)
paul horn – raga shivaranjani – (blue note)
dezron douglas & brandee younger – wise one – (international anthem)

Leave Your Body Behind

Hedonism Recordings' own Bhed joins the dublab family with his bi-monthly "Leave Your Body Behind" program, a profound low end experience dwelling on ambient-occultism & varied psychedelia, mixed up with his own interpretation of what they used to call "meditate on bass weight".

dublab promotes curiosity, experimentation, inclusivity, and connection.