Leave Your Body Behind

  • Drew


Joel Corlitz – Night [iam8bit]
Aleksi Perälä – FI3AC2265060 [AP Musik]
Lord of the Isles – An Stuc [Firecracker Recordings]
Priori – Shkrub [NUFF]
Dream_E – DreamTwo [Pace Yourself]
Född Död – I minnen, fri [Northern Electronics]
Daniel Avery – Petrol Blue [Phantasy Sound]
Gacha Bakradze – Broken Keyboard [-]
Ulla Straus – Billow [Quiet Time Tapes]
uon – J [West Mineral]
Loess – nomon [Nonresponse]
Skee Mask/SCNTST – Auswirkung (Unfinished) [-]
Alan Backdrop – ESP [Semantica]
G. F. – Sugarbaby [BAKK]
vester koza – my well crap car (mardy mix) [Houndstooth]
Nixtrove – Exodus [-]
Hugo Massien – Outer Space Jam [E-Beamz]
Fergus Sweetland – Muffy [Hayes]
Konrad Wehrmeister – TR10 [Ilian Tape]
KAAP – Phisik [ÆX]
Superabundance – Antimatter Circus [Future Times]
Riko – Sesame [Ronin]
DJ Life – White Bricks (Adam Pits’ Topsy Turvy Mix) [Dansu Discs]
Kareem El Morr – Trance With Benefits [RFR]
DAWL – Heavyweight [Craigie Knowes]
Alex Cortex – Discola [DBH Music]
Joy Orbison – pinky ring [Toss Portal]
Doss – Strawberry [LuckyMe]
Ryan James Ford – D614G [Clone Records]
Black Freight – The Perfect Storm [-]
Meat Wave – At the Lake [Big Scary Monsters]

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Leave Your Body Behind

Hedonism Recordings' own Bhed joins the dublab family with his bi-monthly "Leave Your Body Behind" program, a profound low end experience dwelling on ambient-occultism & varied psychedelia, mixed up with his own interpretation of what they used to call "meditate on bass weight".