Leave Your Body Behind w/ Fyn Phond & Bhed (October 2021)

Leave Your Body Behind

  • Bhed
  • Fyn Phond


1st hour: Fyn Phond
No Tracklist

2nd hour: Dub & Roots Special by Bhed
johnny clarke – every knee shall bow
lee perry – lion a de winner
prince alla – city without pity (dub)
ranking dread – africa
ranking dread – africa (tubys dubplate mix)
prince far i and the arabs – abderrahane
diggory kenrick & the prophets allstars – psalm 16
niney – quiet
johnny clarke – don’t trouble trouble
dillinger – tambrin season
dillinger – tambrin season (dub)
king tubby – living style
jah butty – traditional satta
the light of saba – free up black man
the light of saba – outcry

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Leave Your Body Behind

Hedonism Recordings’ own Bhed joins the dublab family with his bi-monthly “Leave Your Body Behind” program, a profound low end experience dwelling on ambient-occultism & varied psychedelia, mixed up with his own interpretation of what they used to call “meditate on bass weight”.