OK Leave Your Body Behind w/ Shawnee Camu (March 2023)

March 28, 2023

Leave Your Body Behind

  • Shawnee Camu


Shawnee Camu – Intercept Salvation
Sukitoa O Namau – Bi Qalbi Abni Lek Bait
YoungWoman – New Moon For Girls U Can Hold IRL
Kokonja – Alatau
Siria – Canção do Gato
Badawi – Enter The Etherics
Bhed – Somni
Gorgonn – Without Beginning Or End
Necro Deathmort – Origami Werewolf
Babe Roots – Word Struggle (Ambient Dub)
Shawnee Camu – No Mother Can Feed Her Children Like The Earth
Farida Mohammed Ali – Maqam Nahaawand
Noise Diva – Sad Girls Go To Bed Late 🙁
Palazzi D’Oriente – In Waters (Rework)
Ka – Forgive Me
OSCOB – Complex
山貓56 – Heroin Gold
Shawnee Camu – Black Horse, Wading Through The Kura River
Shawnee Camu – Rouhi
Shawnee Camu – Disobedience Dub
Shawnee Camu – In These Mountains Of Stones I Am Alone
EMIT KOMA – Amokkutaimu I
EMIT KOMA – Impending Death
Shawnee Camu – Tempting Silence
Shawnee Camu – Payiz
Nurazak Turdu – You Are Moon
Sheraly Juraev & Uzbek Maqam Ensemble – Tushimda Kursam Edi
ZULI – 3ankaboot
Gremlinz- Ratchet
Shawnee Camu – Lion of Al-lāt
Shawnee Camu – Senang
Baqytbek & Ularhan Qaharman – Our Rich Nature
Shawnee Camu – Ashta Nayika

Leave Your Body Behind

Hedonism Recordings' own Bhed joins the dublab family with his bi-monthly "Leave Your Body Behind" program, a profound low end experience dwelling on ambient-occultism & varied psychedelia, mixed up with his own interpretation of what they used to call "meditate on bass weight".

dublab promotes curiosity, experimentation, inclusivity, and connection.