October 28, 2022

The legacy and future of Discos Fuentes

  • Loa Malebec
  • Ángel Villanueva
  • Tony Peñarredonda


Discos Fuentes is the oldest active Colombian record label that focuses exclusively on tropical music from South America. The label has been one of the main spots for Cumbia, Champeta, Salsa, and other Afro-Carribean rhythms, championing a catalogue of over 60 0000 releases since their start in 1934.

General Manager Tony Peñarredonda and Editorial Manager Ángel Villanueva take us through the legacy of Discos Fuentes, and share insights where the label operations are heading. Interviews by Catalina Valencia Vivas & Loa Malebec. Essential listening!

America, un Rincón de Africa

The impact of the African Diaspora on the cultural identity of the Americas is crucial. To shine light on this topic we seized the opportunity and invited a variety of experts visiting Cologne - including the crew around Colombian record label "Discos Fuentes" - for a day of radio broadcasts focusing on the rich legacy of the African Diaspora throughout the American continent.

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