April 13, 2020

Live from Glowing Pin HQ

  • Basso


Butzmann & Kapielski – Qua Pur Qua (just reissued on Bureau B)
Jonus Eric – Waterfalls (soon out on Glowing Pin Records GBR029)
Moving Lines – Enchantment
Andreas von Wangenheim – Calypso
Thomas Almqvist – Sun Signs
Seigen Ono – Mallets
Elephant Chateau – Wir fangen mit Arbeit an (just reissued on Bureau B)
Lapre – Banzai (just reissued on Bureau B)
Bohemien – Sexual Activity (from Rock Extra!)
Scot Scheer – Commitment (Basso Maxi Edit)
Mustang – Africa
Johannes Schmoelling – The Lawnmower
Dortmund – The Deep
Indoor Life – Voodoo
Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure (sold)
International – Heinz und die Hascher
Patrick Jahn – Abenteuer überm Schrank (soon out on Growing Bin Records GBR027)
Mauro Pelosi – La Voglia Di…
Tribop – Necessary Silence
R_R_ – Melodic Harmony (soon out on Growing Bin Records GBR028)
Haruomi Hosono – Aiwoiwaiaou (sold)
Miko – Traumtänzerin
Lilipulu – B1 (GBR026 – it’s out and available)

Live from Home

Recordings from various homes and places by a crew of dublab friends & family, all broadcasted live during the shutdown period in Spring 2020.

dublab promotes curiosity, experimentation, inclusivity, and connection.