Matts Archive w/ Matt Fox (December 2020)

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December 15, 2020 dublab HQ


Blowfly – Intro
The Futures – Ain’t No Time Fa Nothing
Father’s Children – Hollywood Dreaming
Luther Vandross – Better Love
Faze O – I’m Thankful
Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
George Duke – Shine On
Toby Kang – I Just Want To Love You
Fingers – Searching For A Love
Paolo Zavallone Group – Yellow Fever
H.P. Riot – I Have Changed
David Gates – Lorilee
ZAPP – Do You Really Want An Answer?
Cliff Dawson – It’s Not Me You Love
Lou Ragland – What Should I Do
Ollie Nightingale – I’m In Love
Miriah Avila – You In Love Again
The Truths Inc. – Why Then
Rose Marie McCoy & Helen Miller – Teardrops & Heartaches
The Ideals – You Hurt Me
Tony Owens – I Need I Need Your Love
The Herbs – Put A Hurtin On My Heart
Chuck Ray – I Don’t Mind
Impressions – This Is My Country
Teacher’s Edition – I Wanna Share Everything
Leroy Hutson – All Because Of You
Teddy Pendergrass – When Somebody Loves You Back

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