February 18, 2020

Soul Archive

  • Matt Fox


Blowfly – Intro
O’Donel Levy – We’ve Only Just Begun
Isley Brothers – Born To Love You
Genie Brown – Can’t Stop Talking
Don Varner – When It’s Over
Impressions – Find The Way
Blackbyrds – Dreaming About You
Lee McDonald – Gotta Get Home
Allegro Jazz-Band – Composition On A Theme Of Cole Porter
Paolo Zavallone Group – Yellow Fever
Da Pliars – Fan Dance Mix
Funky Team – It’s About Time (thx to Will West for putting me onto it years ago)
Casual T – All Out Of Breath
Satisfactions – One Light Two Lights
Skip Jackson & The Shantons – Promise That You’ll Wait
Joe Hinton – Don’t Tell Her The Truth
McKinnley Mitchell – This Place Ain’t Getting No Better
The Larks – Lost My Love Yesterday
Ralph Weeks & The Beachers – Something Deep Inside
Buster Williams – Vibrations
Cecil Payne & Duke Jordan – Egg Head
Charles Tolliver – Household Of Saud
Stevens & Foster – I Want To Be Love
Gwen McCrae – Do You Wanna Be Mine
Side Show – Lonely Girl
Pro-Fascination – I Want To Wrap You In My Arms
Ray Godfrey – I Ain’t Givin’ Up
Louis Curry – I’ll Try Again Tomorrow
Rhetta Hughes – Light My Fire
Wesley Bright & The Honeytones – You Don’t Want Me

Soul Archive

Travel through time with Matt Fox and dive into the golden era of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco - all the way from mellow sounds to uptempo dance chuggers. To quote Marvin Gaye: "If this spirit moves you, let me groove you".

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