June 18, 2019

Soul Archive

  • Matt Fox


Blowfly – Intro
Colossians – Alejandra
Thomas Sisters – Hey Pretty Boy
Otis Clay – Thank You Love
Two Tons Of Love – Brown & Beautiful
Ray Lewis – Too Sweet To Be Lonely
Chants – I’ve Been Trying
Rare Gems Odyssey – It Don’t Take Much
Townsend, Townsend, Townsend & Rogers – Bring It Down To The Real
Lou Courtney – What Do You Want Me To Do
Earls Inc. – What Would Your Daddy Say
Gliders – No Time
Bobby Hutton – Lead Me On
Oscar Peterson – Girl Talk
Erroll Garner – Watermelon Man
Donald Byrd – Blackjack
Bobby Powell – Childhood Days
Milt Matthews Inc. – I’m The Man To See
Gene Williams – Don’t Let Your Love Fade Away
Billy Harner – Fool Me
Matadors – You’d Be Crying Too
Kenny Carter – Don’t Go
Dee Dee Sharpe – A Woman Will Do Wrong
Johnny & The Expressions – Now That You’re Mine
Kal’s Kids – Long Lonely Broken Hearted
Deon Jackson – When Your Love Has Gone
NA Allen – Everytime It Rains
Four Tees – One More Chance
Jett Straker & Guiding Principle – Cause I’m Ready
Jay Wiggins – My Lonely Girl
Ron Harrington – It Happened To Me Again
Ernie Hines – Electrified Love
Oliver Joy – Don’t You Let Nobody Tell You (I Don’t Love You)
Rosie & The Originals – Angel Baby

Soul Archive

Travel through time with Matt Fox and dive into the golden era of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco - all the way from mellow sounds to uptempo dance chuggers. To quote Marvin Gaye: "If this spirit moves you, let me groove you".

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