March 6, 2021

Muscut – 9 Years Takeover

  • Vlad Dobrovolski


Madalyn Merkey — Let Other’s Mouth
P-SH — From Radiant Trance Tape1
kurvenschreiber — Doppelwortbefehl 77.5
Free Dust — Courier
Pauline Anna Strom — Tropical Rainforest
Chants — A Gathering Swarm
Sam Gendel & Ethan Braun — SUBBASSTROPIXX
Pontiac Streator — Eye To You
Сад — Огни Пенсеро Воля
Twinkle3 — Kalliope
Essentia Sound — Shimmer
Shielding — Grass Snow Rain
Greville — Brother Of Marbles
Sam Prekop — Spelling
Florian T M Zeisig — Dip Pool

Muscut – 9 Years Takeover

All recordings from Muscut's 9 Year anniversary Takeover in March 2021, incl mixes by many artists on the label and the recording of Chillera's living room concert in Odessa. Love to be your friends!

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