May 19, 2021

My Friends Louis & Larry

  • The Conservative


Larry Heard – Faint Object Detection
Lil Louis – Insecure
Mr. Fingers – Urbane Sunset
Lil Louis – Dancing In My Sleep
Lil Louis – Clap Your Hands (Main R&B Mix)
Larry Heard – The Beauty Of Celeste (feat. ‚Che‘)
Lil Louis & The World – Saved My Life (Rhythm‘s Hip Hop Adventure Mix)
Lil Louis & The World – Lil Tanya
Lil Louis & The World – I Called U (The Conversation)
Fingers Inc – Distant Planet
Mr. Fingers – Waterfalls
Mr. Fingers – Chains
Lil Louis – New York
Lil Louis – French Kiss
Gherkin Jerks – Parameters
Disco D – High Noon
Lil Louis – The Original Video Clash
Stormy Black – K.O.F. (Lil Louis Unreleased Power Mix)
Mr. Fingers – Waves Against The Shore
Lil Louis & The World – The Luv U Wanted
Mr. Fingers – A Day In Portugal
Larry Heard – Tahiti Dusk
Mr. Fingers – Crying Over You
Larry Heard – Caribbean Coast
Larry Heard – After Hours

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