April 2, 2021

News From The Bin

  • Basso


Zinno – Sweet Bump
Joseph Hill & Culture – Crack In New York
Mr. Amir – Deep Inside (maybe next shop update)
MTUME – Sweet For You And Me
Matysek & Nagel – Sie Bewegt Sich
Sjunne Fergers Exit – Beginners Mind
Natures Secret – Spirit Of Reason
CV Vision – Cosmic Courier (GBR036)
East – Brainwash
??? Jupiter Testpressung. If you know this one please let me know!!
Hard Knocks – Nigga For Hire
Kool Chip – Jazz It Up (dub)
Quiet Force – Listen To The Music
Tony Beverly – Dream In The Night
Flair – Chasin The Rain
John Stewart – Blondes (with Extensions)
Sorcerer – 2000 Studio (GBR035)
Supersempfft – Lets Beam Him Up
Superdimension – Die Ausserirdischen
Molto Brutto – Go Ahead Goldfish (GBR034)
Zambo – Bremerhaven Altes Haus
Rüdiger Oppermann – A Song Of Joy
WEB – Asterism
Stephan G. – Nowhere To Go
Peter Gray – Drinking Tea on A White Elephant
Complesso I Panamera – Electromusic
Jeff Aug – Dolphinwave
Windjammer – Tossing and Turning

Many records that have been played still available via the Growing Bin Shop. Check the link below!

News From The Bin

Basso from Growing Bin Records with a monthly selection of recent shop additions and favourites, live from the Growing Bin HQ in Hamburg. Tune in for mostly obscure and sometimes very hard to find records ranging from European Jazz and Fusion to Krautrock, Elektronik, New Age, Disco, Leftfield Dancemusic and the likes...

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