December 4, 2020

News From The Bin

  • Basso


RTC – Limited Speed II
Frank Suchland – Schnee
Minimal Kidds- Sunday With My Snow Angel
Jay Stapley – Zephria
Rainer Dimmler Quartet – Seelenschwingung
Moving Lines 1 – Enchantment
Martin Rev – See Me Ridin
Cube – Afro Cube
Silvio Rodríguez – Son Desangra
Milton Di Sao Paolo- Santa A Fe Fe
Ian A. Anderson – One More Chance
Martin Brugger – Rejkjavik
Conny Frischauf – Sunday
Klaus Weiss & Fritz Pauer – Marathon
L.O.T.U.G. – Here Come The Lords
Loose Ends – Hangin On A String
Gontiti – Noon Flight Edit
Dazzle – Men Cry Too
Carambolage – Großmarkt
Mason Mesud Stevensen – Der Komissar
Martin Rev – Mari Go Round
Peter Horton – Was Weiss Der Rhein
Jose Mascolo – Las Vegas SF
Talking Drums- Che Che Kule
Alfons Haider- Darling Ich Bin Im Kino
Gin Fizz – Immer Wieder Montags
Automatic Tasty – Field In The Evening

Many records that have been played still available via the Growing Bin Shop. Check the link below!

News From The Bin

Basso from Growing Bin Records with a monthly selection of recent shop additions and favourites, live from the Growing Bin HQ in Hamburg. Tune in for mostly obscure and sometimes very hard to find records ranging from European Jazz and Fusion to Krautrock, Elektronik, New Age, Disco, Leftfield Dancemusic and the likes...

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