November 6, 2020

News From The Bin

  • Basso


Molto Brutto – Chant (Molto Brutto 2, 1987)
Erster Futurologischer Kongress – Oasen (Wer Spricht?, 1983)
Ricotti & Albuquerque – Didn’t Want To Have To Do It (First Winds, 1971)
David Batteau – Walk In Love (Happy In Hollywood, 1976)
Colin Towns – Kate (Full Circle, 1978)
Westernhagen & Homilius- Cantico III (Sonnengesang, 1986)
Die Fische – Conversation Of Everyday Lovers (Eine Nacht In Cairo, 1986)
Monty Guy – My Heart’s One Desire (In The Black, 1985)
Richie Havens – Gay Cavalier (Common Ground, 1983)
Rocky Winters – Vicious Circle (Vicious Circle 12“, 1986)
Krystyna Prońko – Byłeś, Jesteś, Będziesz Mój (Subtelna Gra, 1986)
Poli Palmer – Old Fulham Fertility Dance (Human Error, 1985)
Ceccarelli & Arcadio – Aurore (Project One, 1985)
SBB – Magische Blaue Stunde (SBB auf Amiga, 1978)
Lask – Sucht (Lask 2 – Sucht + Ordnung, 1984)
Ceccarelli & Arcadio – Bleu De Nuit (Project One, 1985)
Greg Foat Group – Girl And Robot With Flowers (Girl And Robot With Flowers 10“ EP, 2012)

Many records that have been played still available via the Growing Bin Shop. Check the link below!

News From The Bin

Basso from Growing Bin Records with a monthly selection of recent shop additions and favourites, live from the Growing Bin HQ in Hamburg. Tune in for mostly obscure and sometimes very hard to find records ranging from European Jazz and Fusion to Krautrock, Elektronik, New Age, Disco, Leftfield Dancemusic and the likes...

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