Numbers Takeover (September 2022)

September 3, 2022

Numbers Takeover

  • Ana Helder

Numbers Takeover (September 2022)


Numbers is a party based in Buenos Aires, curated by Tom Tom Clubber, Betas and Ilsa Wolf. This radio show features Ilsa Wolf, Betas with Ana Helder and Vanya as guests. Each DJ will record a 1-hour set using the following text as a starting point:

“Guided By The Beat ¹
There’s only dance floor
The DJ, The Music & Me ²
The mixes are perverse
DJs Take Control ³
The sound is timeless
Intrigued By The Drum ⁴
Numbers is a work in progress

What Is House? ⁵”

¹ John Creamer, 1998
² Lula, 2001
³ SL2, 1991
⁴ Ploy, 2017
⁵ Willie Wonka, 1986

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