June 1, 2022

Odd Cosmos – A Farewell to Arms

  • Michael Valentine West


This new edition of Odd Cosmos is called A Farewell to Arms. It features a specially composed work by British artist Michael Valentine West. All new material, all composed for Odd Cosmos!

Michael is a composer utilising lessons learnt from various musical disciplines such as minimal, ambient, glitch, hip hop, jazz and sound design. His groundbreaking album Code 17 Abstraction was released in 2014 on Ana Ott. You can find his latest releases at michaelvalentinewest.bandcamp.com.

Odd Cosmos

The vinyl and cassette label Ana Ott from Mülheim, which also runs its main show Ana Ott Radio on dublab, is a hub of a lively scene of DIY musicians, avant-gardists, experimentalists. For Odd Cosmos, Ana curates a very entertaining series of small radio adventures and guest mixes.

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