February 17, 2022

Paesaggi Records

  • WUTU
  • Dama


Dama – 1st Hour

WUTU – 2nd Hour

FA Throbbing Gristle – A Debris of Murder
Beaumont Hannant – Utuba
Adam Pits – A Recurring Nature
Deep Nalström – Astral Variations
Richard H.Kirk – Come
Ohm Guru – Excursus
Time Shard – Dream Messages
Prism – 0.N.V.I.
Corps of Discovery – Loving Java Script
ATOI – Thee Flow of Pure Thelema

Paesaggi Records

Jump on the magic carpet with Paesaggi Records and join WUTU, Bonci and Gropina on their journey through sidereal sound baths, blue dreams and evocative bizarreries. Two hour excursions with friends and guests from around the globe, once a month, on Thursday evening.

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