Paesaggi Records w/ Gropina & Gabriele (April 2022)

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  • Gabriele

April 28, 2022 Somewhere in Berlin



Area – I’ll Gather Flowers
Seigen Ono – After you…
Bandaka – Musical Bow
Solar Eclipse – Pipes in SIlence
Locust – Prospero
Rapoon – Sanctum
Richard Barbieri & Tim Bowness – Song Of Love And Everything
Edward Ka-Spell – Gomorrha
Pelican Daughters – Infiltration
Oblique – Sculpture
Bill Laswell -Hindsight
68000 – See You In My Eyes
The Leather Nun – Slow Death
Sensations fix – Life Beyond The Darkness


Cudú – Sonata per Cabbiano
Implosion – Green Dawn
SPO – How Young We Were
Nightless – Crazy Nights (Remix)
BI.O – Tecnofolk
Alexander Robotonick – Mi Fo Una Pommarola
Occasioni – I’m the Walrus
Vittorio Nistri – Herogenous Tour
Magazzini Criminali – Sotto il Cielo
Sisters Maso – Erotic Holidays Packets
Anna Funk Damage – Shapes To Come
Shout – Triennium (Tripping The Cyberspace)
Magazzini Criminali – Saigon 21 Luglio 1980 / Africa Agosto 2001
Marco Calderoni – How 2 Use the Sky

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