July 28, 2022

Paesaggi Records

  • Gropina
  • Julia Mira


Gropina – 1st Hour:

Maria Monti – Il Pavone
Daniel Lanois – White Mustang II

Richard Horowitz – Elephant Dance
Richard Horowitz – Marnia’s Tent

Taras Bulba – Barune
23Skidoo – Quiet Pillage

Sir Horatio – Somadub

Alex Cortiz – Room 505

Joi – Spiritual Get Together (Traditional Mix)
Critical Rhythm – It Could Not Happen
Amina – Neila
Paradise 3001 – Inner Rhythm (Bio Sensitive Mix)
Pink Floyd – Dramatic Theme

Marc Barreca – Vs Chorus 

Andy Rantzen – Will I Dream
Inuit – Katajjaa From Hudson Bay

Paesaggi Records

Jump on the magic carpet with Paesaggi Records and join WUTU, Bonci and Gropina on their journey through sidereal sound baths, blue dreams and evocative bizarreries. Two hour excursions with friends and guests from around the globe, once a month, on Thursday evening.

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