January 20, 2022

Paesaggi Records

  • Gropina
  • WUTU


Gropina – 1st Hour

Steve BE Zet – The Closed Eye View
Tuu – Stillpoint in Motion
Nicola Alesino & Pier Luigi Andreoni – Across the Cities
Indus – Huiracocha
CTI – The Need
Paul Haig – Mad Horses
New Composers – Yastreb-Ya Chayka
Coil – Simenon
Skylab – Indigo (Sabres De Paradise Remix)
The Swamp Children – Flash
The Orb – Spanish Castles in Space (Castles in Goa mix)

WUTU – 2nd Hour

Banco de Gaia – Frog’s Dinner
Money Morning – American Pharaoh
Amon Düül – Snow Your Thirst and Sun Your Open Mouth
Durutti Column – Finding the Sea (Live at Womad ’88)
UVX – Millennium303
Voodoo People – Mogodon Circus
Angel Tears – Magic Forest
Makyo – Skin as Soft as Moonlight
Futuro Antico – Schirak

Paesaggi Records

Jump on the magic carpet with Paesaggi Records and join WUTU, Bonci and Gropina on their journey through sidereal sound baths, blue dreams and evocative bizarreries. Two hour excursions with friends and guests from around the globe, once a month, on Thursday evening.

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