April 27, 2023

Paesaggi Records

  • Gropina
  • WUTU


Gropina 1st Hour:

Accident Du Travail – Ouverture Alla Francese
Albert Alan Owen – Following The Light Part1
Antonio testa & Alio Die – Dreaming
Ac Marias – Sometime
Absent Music – The Monkey House
Anugama & Sebastiano – Arabic Journey
Abba Gargando – Zinezju Meghdem
Free Radicals – Don’t Ask
Terry Reid – Seed Of Memory
Brenda Ray – Love’s The Most
Arik Rudich – Code Of Silence
Little Annie Anxiety – If Cain Were Able

WUTU 2nd Hour

Evan-S – Nature’s Sound Creation
John J Lafia – A Promise
Krisma – Silly Europeans
Instant Music – Optimate Minimum
Diseño Corbusier – F*P*2
Guerrilla Welfare – All Things Are Connected
Saskia – My Lips Get Hot
Jon Hassell – Voodoo Wind
Embryo – Glockenspiel
Al Doum & The Faryds – Space Polyrythmo

Paesaggi Records

Jump on the magic carpet with Paesaggi Records and join WUTU, Bonci and Gropina on their journey through sidereal sound baths, blue dreams and evocative bizarreries. Two hour excursions with friends and guests from around the globe, once a month, on Thursday evening.

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