June 23, 2022

Paesaggi Records

  • WUTU
  • Yuzo Iwata


WUTU 1st Hour:
C-Schulz – Klang
Pump – Drop
Brainticket – To Another Universe
Bill Laswell – Sacred System Dub
Osamu Kitajima – Blue Fire
Settore 9 – Meditation in Down
Taras Bulba – Flying Crimson
Cocteau Twins – Watchlar
Twoonky – Jasso
Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers – Earthwire Line
Folie 2 – White Hot
Franco Nanni – Poesia
A Psychic Yes – Polypore
Smagghe & Cross – Drain

Yuzo Iwata 2nd Hour:
Yuzo Iwata – Crux (Butter Sessions)
Discossession – TV Scene (Celestial Forest Mix) (Crue-L Records)
Yuzo Iwata – Neverland (Butter Sessions)
Len Leise – Phantom Voyagers (International Feel)
Ryu Tsuruoka Magnetix – 春雨 (Spring & Rain) (Image Cluv)
Len Leise – Rocking (General Purpose)
Jogada – Masambakatu (Púca Sounds)
Daniel Monaco, MC Matsui – Swimming With Dolphins (イルカと海へ)
Kenjiro Sakiya – This Time (Extended Scratch Mix) (See-Saw)
Izumi Sawa – Value Set (京都慕情 108 Remix) (Columbia)
Triangle Orchestra – @ 137 (Cloudy Version) (Rong Music)
Laughing Light Of Plenty – The Rose (Whatever We Want Records)
Cos/Mes – Hitachinaka (Snaker)

Paesaggi Records

Jump on the magic carpet with Paesaggi Records and join WUTU, Bonci and Gropina on their journey through sidereal sound baths, blue dreams and evocative bizarreries. Two hour excursions with friends and guests from around the globe, once a month, on Thursday evening.

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