February 2, 2023

SK Radio

  • AV Moves


K. Leimer – Ceylon
Lucy Duncombe – Brace
Loopsel – Backwards Vision
G.T. Moore & Shusha – Thanksgiving
Klaus Röder – Life-Music 1
Andy Stott – Arthur Russell Refix
M. C. Schmidt – A Mystical Drive To The Supermarket
Ecstactic Sunshine – Conch
Gooms – Bone apocalypse
Linkwood – Glow
Sky Spooner – Murder Song
Tomoki Kanda – A Ray Of Sunshine
Charles – One Spring Evening
Louis Chedid – Que Asi Sea
Drella’s Dream Drops – Young Bitch ‘89
Boys in Trouble – Row the Boat
Material – Heritage
Coste Apetrea – Hej Där
Hamburger All-Stars – Studded Leather Jacket
The teardrop explodes – Ouch Monkeys
KG – Cherry Love Bomb
Paik – Jayne Field
Spivak – The Fucking Bed On The Floor
Mustafa et Monique – The Birds (Part II)
Giradioses – Abólico
Nagamatzu – Muslin
Paul Haig – Mad Horses
Tresa Leigh – I Remember

SK Radio

Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft with two hours of across-the-board music, live from the comfort of his living room in Los Angeles once a month.

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