July 1, 2021

SK Radio

  • Suzanne Kraft


Suzanne Kraft – Found guitar improvisation
Troth – Calm Of The Shadow
Rüdiger Oppermann – Silberfluss; Teil 1-7 (excerpt)
Chris Peck – Vincent’s Room
Leo Svirsky – Trembling Instants
Hydroplane – Completed Extract From The Previous 7”
This Mortal Coil – I Must Have Been Blind
Pink Military – I Cry
Doubler – Cloud Killers
Dave I.D. – Help Starts
Vazz – Bleached White Skin
The Residents – Jambalaya
Lifted – Variety Field
Cosmology – Willow Land
Don Ellis – Star Children
Andreo Lina – Music In A Small Room
Francesco Messina – Untitled
Christina Kubisch – Night Flights
Pat Metheny – Are You Going With Me?
Virna Lindt – Underwater Boy

SK Radio

Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft with two hours of across-the-board music, live from the comfort of his living room in Los Angeles once a month.

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