May 6, 2021

SK Radio

  • Suzanne Kraft


Laura Jane Friedman – 1987
Jansen / Barbieri – Balance
Fruit – Dudu Solo
Lee Robinson – Cleaners For One
Monokultur – Decennium
YL Hooi – W/O Love
Panxing – How
Daniel Aged – Paloma
Brogan Bentley – Finesse
Languis – This Is Not A Test
Crystal Hell Pool – Strange Place and Time
DJ Guy – White Tape Trk 1
Numerology Songs – Porch Road
Ana Roxanne – Suite Pour L’invisible
Arthur Russell – Losing My Taste For The Night Life
Norberto Lobo – Fran
Palaces – Bruises
Steve Hiett – In The Shade
mystery computer file
Leo Svirsky – Trembling Instants
Tangerine Dream – Beach Scene
The System – Jenny
Princess Demeny – New York Grief ’86
Denial – California Dreaming
Absent Music – Akahito
Ben – White Space
Bobb Trimble – One Mile From Heaven
The Pearl Sisters – Hate It
A.R. & Machines – I’ll Be Your Singer You Be My Song

SK Radio

Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft with two hours of across-the-board music, live from the comfort of his living room in Los Angeles once a month.

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