November 4, 2021

SK Radio

  • Suzanne Kraft


Ruins – Purple Tides
Grouper – Kelso (Blue sky)
Kevin McCormick & David Horridge – Highlife
Georgia – Bindires Trashers
Aphex Twin – Untitled
Aardvark – Everything Is Nothing
Space Afrika – Canu
Rip Swirl – Careless
Leo James – There’s No Trauma Here In Space, But You’re Welcome To Cry If You Want
Crotocosm – Island Life
memotone – New Peace
Eberhard Weber – Touch
AV Moves – Sorry Too Much
Ulla – Look Or Look Away
Motion Graphics – Mezzotint Gliss
Aaron M Olson – Brick Pillow In Computer Glow
Enno Velthuys – The Royal Woods
Silvia Tarozzi – Al cancello
COS – Mein Maschine Ist Schön
The Parels – A Camel
Andy Stott – Hard To Tell
Dome – Rolling Upon My Day
SnP 500 – Reduce Something (@45)
Manuel Gottsching – HP Littele Cry

SK Radio

Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft with two hours of across-the-board music, live from the comfort of his living room in Los Angeles once a month.

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