SK Radio w/ Suzanne Kraft (October 2021)

October 7, 2021

SK Radio

  • Suzanne Kraft

SK Radio w/ Suzanne Kraft (October 2021)


Jo Bogaert – Would You
Enno Velthuys – Flock of Seagulls
Loveshadow – 7
Mlin Patz – Avgust Na Zakate Dnya
JJULIUS – Omöjligt/Möjligt
Troth – Oak Corridor
DMX Krew – Feynman Radio
Northern Picture Library – Into The Ether
Disco Inferno – Footprints In The Snow
Silvania – Hélice
It’s Immaterial – New Brighton
The Montgolfier Brothers – Between Two Points
Troth – Aether Frolic
Psychic TV – The Orchids
Arthur Russell – Sketch For The Face of Helen/1974 Vol 2, Part 1
Walt Clements – Naked (a showing of scars)
Grouper – Unclean Mind
Nirosta Steel – Sad Song
Air Miami – Warm Miami May
John Callaghan – Give Me Some Air
P’o – Time And Time
Boys In Trouble – Row The Boat
Mary Margaret O’Hara – When You Know Why You’re Happy
Spacemen 3 – Any Way That You Want Me (demo)
The Jesus And Mary Chain – On The Wall (demo)
Cleaners From Venus – Drowning Butterflies
Big Star – Give Me Another Chance