December 3, 2020

SK Radio

  • Suzanne Kraft
  • The Milkman


Bill Nelson – Connie Buys A Kodak
Disrupt – Jojo’s Skank
Mittland Och Leo – Heat Wave II
Numpty – Pedal To The Metal
Akiko Yano – Iranaimon
Plaid – Manyme
WAT – Willow
Wicked Witch – Fancy Dancer
CAN – Oh Yeah
The Beach Boys – Life Of A Tree
Ultras Mashup – Montagne Verdi
Arthur Lipsett – Soundtracks
Negro – G.H.
Missionary Mamie Sample – This May Be The Last Time
Sebastian Melmoth – Waiting For Godot
Satin Wall – Dans Les Profondeurs
Knightklub – Glad For Mom
John Cooper Clark – A Distant Relation
The Teardrop Explodes – Ouch Monkeys
Kuknacke –
Jenna Sutela – Nimiia Vibié
Mirroring – Drowning The Call
Bill Orcutt – Square Cunts
His Name Is Alive – Something About Hope
Leafcutter John – Dream III
Jansen / Barbieri – Balance
Yoshiko Sai –
David Sylvian – Red Guitar
E.M.A.K. – Tanz
Dave I.D. – Help Starts
Liliput – Hitch Hike
KG – Jukebox Rider
The Swirlies – Tall Ships
Matt Johnson – Song Without An Ending
Deerhoof – Spirit Ditties Of No Tone

SK Radio

Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft with two hours of across-the-board music, live from the comfort of his living room in Los Angeles once a month.

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