February 6, 2020


  • Vio DJ


Meitei – Ike
Brannten Schnüre – Feldweg
The Pickle Factory – Cipher
Carl Gari, Abdullah Miniawy – Shipster
A.C. Marias – Sometime
The Gist – Love at First Sight
Joanne Robertson, Dean Blunt – Fuckboy Anthem
Lord Tusk – Beyond Limitation
Bachir Attar, Elliott Sharp – Long Night
Startled Insects – Black Spring
Pinch & Shackleton – Monks on the Run
CS + Kreme – Husk
Christoph de Babalon – It’s Returning


"Stil" is a monthly, hour-long ride exploring music from a wide range of genres and time, conjured by trusted comrade and Berlin local Vio DJ with illustrations by Jack Taylor.

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