June 17, 2020

Stroom Takeover

  • Liesbeth Feys


Liesbeth high-fives from Brugge, the Venice of the North, where you do not pronounce the “g” (Bruhhe).


Algebra Suicide – In Bed With Boys
Yoko Ono -Telephone Piece
Vagueleys – Sofa Or Chair
Charles Bukowski – Shower
Geneva Jacuzzi – Iʼm a TV
The Vyllies – Maryʼs Room
Woo – Itʼs Cosy inside
Miranda July – The Man On The Stairs
Flash And The Pan – Lights In The Night
Jason Kolàr – Corners
Herman Van Veen – Wat Ik Mis
Young Marco – Kalapa Garden
Midori Hirano – By The Window
Pram – Sleepy Sweet
Ippu-Do – In Side_OUT Side
Yoko Ono – Toilet Piece
Henny Vrienten – Bedmensen

Stroom Takeover

STROOM has been an online radio, object-maker, healing station, a record label, a place for the non-achiever to feel at ease. Her bosom friends sent their regards from all over little Flanders. We haven’t seen each other for so long, now it’s time to meet and greet!

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