June 17, 2020

Stroom Takeover

  • Liesbeth Feys


Liesbeth high-fives from Brugge, the Venice of the North, where you do not pronounce the “g” (Bruhhe).


Algebra Suicide – In Bed With Boys
Yoko Ono -Telephone Piece
Vagueleys – Sofa Or Chair
Charles Bukowski – Shower
Geneva Jacuzzi – Iʼm a TV
The Vyllies – Maryʼs Room
Woo – Itʼs Cosy inside
Miranda July – The Man On The Stairs
Flash And The Pan – Lights In The Night
Jason Kolàr – Corners
Herman Van Veen – Wat Ik Mis
Young Marco – Kalapa Garden
Midori Hirano – By The Window
Pram – Sleepy Sweet
Ippu-Do – In Side_OUT Side
Yoko Ono – Toilet Piece
Henny Vrienten – Bedmensen