February 8, 2021

Swan Feast

  • Swan Meat


Vatican Shadow – They Deserve Death
Christoph de Babalon – Webs of Wraith
??? – Raycart Acceleration
Lnamha – Brutal Faith
DJ Ketaflush – Lost My K
Dismantle – Be Right There
Mickey Finn – D-Pressed
Laxenachaos – Demons Fav Acid
The Fall of Troy – I Just Got This Symphony Goin
Tim Hecker – Sketch 4
Adrian Martin – Testarossa Girl
Jacob B – Here Come The Pills
Prophän – We Will Not Bow
Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Random Pain
??? – Selene (Original Mix)
El Nalgón – Mosquito Pingón
Anrk – Pareidolie
Martial Canterel – Empire
Cocteau Twins – Pepper Tree
Talk Talk – The Rainbow
Anechoic Chamber – Hysteria
Perfect Blue OST – Nightmare (Kamanari Version)
Coil – Tainted Love
Anna Morgan – Tectonian
Sadie Sads – Angora
Ministry – Cold Life
Melt Banana – Candy Gun
Arswartaken – Magic K
Shanti People – Tandava
Lazy Ann – Bring The Bass
The Jesus Lizard – Gladiator
Machine Girl – The Fortress (The Blood Inside)
Enter Shikari – Mothership

Swan Feast

Swan Meat, aka Reba Fay, is a poet, producer, and DJ from Washington D.C. who writes jarring electronic-industrial compositions. Currently residing in Cologne she explores her faible for obscure games soundtracks and smattering techno / breakbeat stuff in her monthly show on dublab, formerly called "House Of Suns".

dublab promotes curiosity, experimentation, inclusivity, and connection.