April 25, 2022

Pioneers of Czech Electroacoustic Music

  • Tarnovski (Gurun Gurun)



In addition to Gurun Gurun (Buh Records), Tarnovski also performs solo and with the groups IQ+1 (mappa), Wabi Experience, The Czech Psychedelic Society Manifesto, or in a duo with Mexican multimedia artist Laura Luna (Genot Centre). He is part of the AV project Telekinetic Assault Group. He also makes music for theatre, field recordings (under the moniker Prosoxi Skylos), and radio documentaries. He often collaborates with Japanese musicians including Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa, Gallery Six, and Asuna. He has collaborated with the singer Haco on two albums and toured with her in Japan and Europe. He also published a split with the Italian AV project Mai Mai Mai and produced a retrospective 8-CD set by the Czech folk legend Oldrich Janota. He has also performed with Miki Yui, Seth Graham, Black to Comm, Yearning Kru, Dane Law, or Gregg Kowalski. Tarnovski is a curator at the small label Jipangu, which focuses on experimental music and sound art.


Vladimir Lebl – Sound Examples (1966)
Miloslav Istvan – Avete morituri (1970)
Rudolf Komorous – Tomb of Malevitch (1965)
Miroslav Hlavac – Biochronos (1969)
Milan Grygar – Acoustic Drawings I (1974)
Milan Slavicky – Variace na laserovy paprsek (1982)
Zbynek Vostrak – Sito ticha (1971)
Jaroslav Krcek – Raab – Part II (1970)
Zdenek Liska – Snehulak / The Snowman OST (1966)
Rudolf Ruzicka – Concertino pro harfu a elektroakusticke zvuky (1973)
Jan Hanus – Concertino pro solove tympany a magnetofonovy pas (1970)
Miloslav Kabelac – E fontibus Bohemicis (1972)
Arnost Parsch – Trasposizioni II (1969)
Vaclav Kucera – Kinechromie (1969)
Jan Malek – Invence c.1 Horror Alenae (1969)
Oliver Rozek – Maxwelluv demon (1969)
Karel Odstrcil – Gandhi (1969)
Zbynek Vostrak – Scales of Light (1967)
Miroslav Hlavac – Fontana cantans (1971)
Miloslav Istvan – Isle of Toys (1968)
Alois Pinos – Speleofonie (1976)
Milos Haase – Per aspera ad astra (1969)

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